About Me

I'm Emi - photographer, wife, dog mama, and sucker for a good love story.
I love to capture the moments, sometimes simple, sometimes grand, that define our lives.

Over the past 8 years, I've worked with clients to tell the stories of the best days of their lives - from weddings, to welcoming new babes, to graduations and celebrations of all kinds. I take great joy and great responsibility in what I do, because I truly believe that good photography captures the heart of your memories. With every shot, I think about the years of joy that preserving a fleeting moment can bring.

My photography style is genuine, joyful, and full of light. With every shot, I think about the memories that you will want to treasure, and the legacy that you are building for your marriage. Because after the cake has been reduced to crumbs, the flowers are dried, and the thank-you notes have all been sent, it's your wedding photography that has the power to bring you back to that amazing day that you stepped out into the future together.

I love capturing real, candid moments and significant details - from the fresh-cut peonies, to your grandmother's bracelet on your wrist, to the stolen kisses and secret giggles. My heart's work is in telling your story through the moments in which you feel the most joy, and the most naturally you. As we work together throughout the planning process and photoshoots, we'll laugh together, keep things laid-back, and make sure that you feel confident and comfortable so you can enjoy every minute of your wedding day!






This is a photo of me with my wonderful husband and our pup, #sillyghus. Our family is growing - we found out in May 2018 that we're expecting! As our family (and my belly) grows, I am even more inspired by the power that photography has to preserve the moments that go by so fast, but mean so much. I am honored when clients choose me to share in and document their journeys!

When I am not behind the camera, you'll find me with these two (soon to be three!) hiking and enjoying the outdoors, growing and eating goodies in my garden, or looking for an excuse to travel somewhere new and exciting (got one for me?). 

About Me

I've been a photographer for as long as I've had a camera in my hand. I've worked as a photographer for a university, freelanced for newspapers, worked as a photo editor, and now own my own business. I love the ins and outs of the whole photography process, and I know just how to make sure your memories sing in photos!

Popcorn is my favorite food. I've been known to have popcorn and wine for dinner, and I'm not even sorry about it.

I'm a goofball, and I love to laugh. We'll keep our sessions silly and laid-back, because being too serious isn't good for anyone. (One of my favorite quotes: "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly")!

I love people - before I became a photographer, I seriously considered going to school to be a counselor or psychologist. I've found my perfect niche in what I do now, where I get to spend my time getting to know amazing people, learning what brings you the most joy, and preserving your authentic reactions and most meaningful memories for all time.