Wedding couple portrait


Scenic Ithaca Anniversary Session | Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer

Wedding couple portrait


This was one of those sessions – the ones that remind me how important photographs are in our lives and relationships. The ones that make me bow in honor of the stories that you trust me to capture.

I met Faren & Reza on the campus of Cornell University, where Reza is a professor, to capture some beautiful anniversary images to celebrate their one year of marriage. In chatting with them over the course of the session, I learned a bit about why they decided to invest in anniversary portraits. It’s so important to me to learn the why behind your decision to have your photograph taken – it’s what helps me understand your connection on a deeper level, and to capture images that aren’t just beautiful, but that speak to you and tell your unique story.

Wedding anniversary portrait

Faren & Reza were married last August in Arizona. However, most of their families live in Iran, and weren’t able to make it to the states to be there. Faren & Reza had hoped to visit this year, but with COVID-19 restrictions on travel, and how hard the virus hit Iran, they haven’t been able to make the trip. It’s been a long time since they’d seen some of the people that they love most!

The anniversary session was a beautiful way to celebrate one year of marriage and the family that these two are building together, even when most of their family lives on the other side of the world. And it was important to Faren & Reza to have some celebratory images to share with loved ones to make them feel like they’re a part of their lives.

It was an honor to be able to witness the love that these two share and to capture it on camera so that their families can witness it as well.

Bride and groom in a field in front of a stone church
Bride and groom linking arms
Wedding couple snuggling

Their story was a reminder of how vast the world is, but also how small, and how simple it is to find a connection with anyone, anywhere – over the course of the session, I learned that Faren and Reza met at NMSU in Las Cruces, NM, where my brother and my cousin went, and where I’ve visited several times! We bonded over a small town in southern New Mexico, far from where any of us are from, while taking photographs on the scenic hilltops of the Finger Lakes. It was so much beauty in place and in spirit.

Couple sitting together on stone stairs
Close up of a couple holding hands with wedding rings


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Couple dancing under stone archway
Bride walking through a field and looking over her shoulder
Wedding couple caressing in the Finger Lakes
Couple kissing on a scenic lookout over the Finger Lakes


If you’re wondering about anniversary sessions and why they’re worth the time and investment, I have a blog post dedicated to just that. So many couples find them to be a powerful celebration and a meaningful witness to the journey they are sharing together!

If you’re interested in scheduling an anniversary session, let’s talk! Send me a note and we can talk about your why, and how we can capture your story in a way that feels special to you.

Emi Rose is a Finger Lakes wedding photographer traveling throughout New York and New England to tell stories of love and connection through natural and timeless images.